So You Want To Plant Grass Seed? 5 Things You Must Know Before You Buy!

Planting grass seed is an important part of lawn care, whether you are starting from scratch or overseeding to thicken what you already have. Before you run out and buy, you must know exactly what it is you need. Grass seeds come in so many different species and varieties. The last thing you need is to waste your money, and your time, on planting the wrong kind. Here are the 5 critical things you must know before you buy.

1. Cool Season Grasses Versus Warm Season

This is absolutely the most critical choice to make and it is very simple. Look up and see which turf climate zone you live in; cool, warm, or transitional. If you live in a warm season zone, you will do far better with sod or plugs of warm season varieties to successfully grow your lawn. The only grass seed you do want to use is the annual rye species in the fall, to give you green color when the warm season turf goes dormant and brown. Cool season grasses grow well when grown from grass seeds. Right off the bat, if you’re somewhere hot like Florida or Texas, you’re better off spending your money on sod and/or plugs unless it is the fall.
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Lawn Repair Guide

lawn repair guideWe all enjoy a lush, green yard, and every one of us runs into turf trouble. Lawn repair is easy to do; you just need to know the best way to get it back into shape. Here are the five most common problems and the lawn care know-how to bring it back to green.

1. Yellow Grass

If your turf’s blades are yellow instead of green, that means it is starving for nitrogen. This can happen even if you are applying fertilizer. Here’s your in-order-list of lawn repair to cure yellowing grass:

  • Thatch is the brown dead plant matter between the dirt and the blades. When it’s more than a ½-inch thick, your grass can’t grow, so use a garden rake to pull it out, or a de-thatching liquid for easier lawn care.
  • Soil Problems include ground packed so hard, it can’t breathe, and then neither can the roots. Plus, the fertilizer you apply will just run off.  Hire someone to use an aerating machine, or use a liquid aerator. Using a seaweed soil booster will reactivate microbes and bacteria and replenish the soil even more.
  • Fertilize with an organic liquid fertilizer as it won’t just sit on the surface, but will go down and feed the roots where it’s needed most.

Read more lawn repair tips.

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The Truth About A Lawn Fertilizer Schedule (And Common Myths)

lawn fertilizer scheduleA lawn fertilizer schedule is important, but sorting out the fact from the fiction can seem overwhelming. What do you really need to do, and what can you strike off your list before you even put your rubber boots on? Common sense and thinking about how grass grows will help to weed out the myths from the truth. Let us show you how to fertilize your lawn naturally and in sync with what your grass really needs to grow lush and green.

Fact: Grass Needs Nutrition

It is true that grass needs more nutrition than nature can provide. To have a healthy lush turf, you must feed your grass. Without additional feed provided by you, the turf will always be yellow and sparse or even brown and dead.

Read more on a lawn fertilizer schedule.

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How To Repair Lawn Patches So Your Yard Is Lush And Green

How to repair lawn patchesYou want to know how to repair lawn patches so your yard can be lush and green and a joy to look at. Really, it is very simple, and takes very little time. These are the easy-to-follow steps to fill in those bare spots.

It Won’t Take Long: Find Out What Went Wrong

There are a number of reasons for brown or bare areas of patchy grass. If you suspect insect damage, fungus, or mold, be sure to treat for that first, otherwise you will be fighting a losing battle.

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Spring Into Green Grass With The Right Lawn Mower Height

Lawn mowingLawn mower height is such a misunderstood thing, and has such an important effect for your grass, the grass’s roots, and how many weeds you will get.

Before you spring into action with any mowing, take a minute and learn where you should set the height of the blade.

What’s Your Plan For Spring Lawn Care?

This is absolutely the first thing to decide, because this is what decides how far you will cut the grass. Continue reading

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How To Stain A Deck: What DIY’ers Need To Know To Be A Pro

how to stain a deckWondering how to stain a deck yourself but still get professional-looking results? After all, you want your deck to look as good as your lawn and yard. When doing the staining yourself, you not only want to save money and protect the wood, you want people to ask “Who did you hire?” because it looks that good. This article covers all the steps the pros know about deck staining.

Does My Wood Deck Need A Fresh Coat?

If water is not beading on the surface, then yes, your deck needs a fresh coat of stain. Have you ever wondered why beading water is so important? Here it is in a nutshell; if the water isn’t beading, it is soaking into the wood and causing damage. If it is beading, new stain will not soak in.

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Learn How To Overseed Your Lawn To Have Grass That Is Lush And Green

overseed a lawnLearning how to overseed your lawn is the number one way to having a super-lush turf that will leave your neighbors green with envy. By adding fresh grass seed you replace any grass plants that have died, fill in bare patches, and crowd out weeds. This is an ideal project for spring lawn care, but it can also be done in the fall. Here are the seven simple steps to overseeding.

1. Rake To Give Your Grass A Break

The first step is to get all the leaves and other debris off your yard so the grass can breathe and soak up the sunshine. This is a critical part of spring lawn care and should be done whether you are overseeding or not. Continue reading

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Spring Fertilizing: Are You Making The Number One Spring Lawn Care Mistake?

Spring fertilizing of your lawn is not difficult, but you do need a basic understanding of what is the right way to go about spring lawn care. That includes avoiding the number one mistake. You’ve heard of get-rich-quick schemes? Well, get-green-quick schemes for your turf in spring are just about as reliable!

The Number One Mistake When Fertilizing Lawn

What is the number 1 mistake when fertilizing lawn?Reasoning that nitrogen is important to a green lawn, people run out as soon as they can and throw a nitrogen-rich fertilizer on their turf. Believe it or not, that is the absolute worst thing you can do, especially for cool-season grass varieties. Although this ‘greens’ the grass up almost immediately, and provides instant gratification, it’s a short-term result with long-term consequences.

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Your Guide To Lawn Tools: What Do You Need For Your Property?

which lawn tools are most important?Lawn tools range from basic yard supplies to specialty equipment that makes property maintenance easy and efficient. The size of your patch of grass makes a difference, but so does the time and effort you are willing to spend. Here is your guide to the equipment from must-have to good-to-own to I-lust-after.

Read more about lawn tools.

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Ever Wonder Why Tree And Bush Trimming Is Part Of Late Winter To Early Spring Lawncare?

Moss under a tree

Photo by Guitarfool5931 (flickr)

Tree and bush trimming may not seem like they have much to do with spring lawncare, but in fact it is an absolute necessity. The number one sign of needing this type of lawn maintenance is moss. That’s right, moss overtaking your turf is because the area is too shaded and not getting enough sun or air circulation. So whether you are a lawn care business, property owner, or a homeowner, late winter and early spring is the time to get out and prune your trees and bushes.

Pruning In Late Winter Vs. Early Spring

Lilacs need to be trimmed after blossomingLate winter trimming is done for plants that are best pruned before they wake up and start sending out shoots and leaves. The general rule for tree and bush trimming is that any plants that bloom in early spring should be pruned after blooming.  Plants that are grown mostly for their greenery should be trimmed in late winter. So your forsythias and lilacs are pruned after blooming, and maple and oak trees in late winter.
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