How To Stain A Deck: What DIY’ers Need To Know To Be A Pro

how to stain a deckWondering how to stain a deck yourself but still get professional-looking results? After all, you want your deck to look as good as your lawn and yard. When doing the staining yourself, you not only want to save money and protect the wood, you want people to ask “Who did you hire?” because it looks that good. This article covers all the steps the pros know about deck staining.

Does My Wood Deck Need A Fresh Coat?

If water is not beading on the surface, then yes, your deck needs a fresh coat of stain. Have you ever wondered why beading water is so important? Here it is in a nutshell; if the water isn’t beading, it is soaking into the wood and causing damage. If it is beading, new stain will not soak in.

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