Lawn Repair Guide

lawn repair guideWe all enjoy a lush, green yard, and every one of us runs into turf trouble. Lawn repair is easy to do; you just need to know the best way to get it back into shape. Here are the five most common problems and the lawn care know-how to bring it back to green.

1. Yellow Grass

If your turf’s blades are yellow instead of green, that means it is starving for nitrogen. This can happen even if you are applying fertilizer. Here’s your in-order-list of lawn repair to cure yellowing grass:

  • Thatch is the brown dead plant matter between the dirt and the blades. When it’s more than a ½-inch thick, your grass can’t grow, so use a garden rake to pull it out, or a de-thatching liquid for easier lawn care.
  • Soil Problems include ground packed so hard, it can’t breathe, and then neither can the roots. Plus, the fertilizer you apply will just run off.  Hire someone to use an aerating machine, or use a liquid aerator. Using a seaweed soil booster will reactivate microbes and bacteria and replenish the soil even more.
  • Fertilize with an organic liquid fertilizer as it won’t just sit on the surface, but will go down and feed the roots where it’s needed most.

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  1. CT Lawns says:

    Great advice you are offering I would like to add if you are unsure about chemicals and nutrients your grass needs you can always call a professional to get it tested. There are also DIY kits.

  2. Virtual Private Server says:

    Fortunately, many of the most common problems have fairly straightforward fixes, as you’re about to read. And just in case your yard is already the envy of the block, our experts have advice on money-saving tips, the right and wrong ways to fertilize, plus results from our latest tests of mowers, tractors, and more.