Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer: Benefits, Types And General Instructions For Use

Home gardeners are getting more inclined to use organic fertilizers nowadays due to their environmentally friendly properties and the fact that they do not pose as a serious threat to their health. Since organic fertilizers have lower doses of nitrogen than the inorganic ones, there is a lesser risk of plant roots experiencing nitrogen burn. The chance of garden soil receiving an overdose of nutrients is also minimized when organic fertilizers are used. Aside from being good sources of organic nitrogen, they also contain other nutrients, enzymes, and hormones that are good for plant growth.

There are many different types and sources of organic fertilizer that are rich in nitrogen. Liquid fish emulsion is one such example of organic nitrogen fertilizer. It is often used for new plantings, seed trays, houseplants and basically most plants grown in containers. One of the reasons why gardeners use liquid fish emulsion is that it can be diluted, letting them control the doses. It has the ability to get easily dissolved in water and also easily absorbed by plants, especially small seedlings. Other than being a rich source of nitrogen, fish emulsion also contains iron, boron, and magnesium.

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