Spring Has Sprung So Stop Snow Mold On Your Lawn Now!

Snow mold is a danger in late winter and early spring. With these few simple spring lawn care tips, your turf will spring back, green and lush. The key thing is to get out there now, and help your grass recover from the winter snow.

Start Now Even Though You Still Have Snow

tips to prevent or treat snow moldDrifts of snow that compact your lawn are the worst thing for your grass. These spores thrive at just above freezing temperatures in the moistness under the snow. So, as the warm weather arrives, start shoveling down those big drifts to even out the layer of snow on your yard, and you can prevent the mold from ever appearing.
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Be Ready To Spring Into Action For The Health Of Your Lawn

spring lawncareSpring lawncare is just around the corner, and now is the time to plan how you will spring into action for the healthiest and greenest grass. You need to know when and how to get started, and the right steps to take. Just as importantly, you need to know what not to do. Here are the keys to your plan of turf maintenance.

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Lawn Care In Summer: What Can You Do When It Is So Hot?

Lawn Care In SummerDo you know proper lawn care in summer that will help, even in the hottest and driest of seasons? Or do you just throw your hands up, and attempt watering when it looks brown and dry? There are simple ways to help protect and defend your grass, even with too much sun and not enough rain. Really, it is very easy with these summer lawn care tips.

Shade: Just like all of us, your grass gets a huge benefit when you protect it from the sun. No, this does not mean you need to put up a huge umbrella over your yard! You see, the roots are what really need the shade more than any other part of the plant. So, for lawn care in summer, you want to mow it high, so that the blades are 3 to 3 ½ inches tall. Presto, you are now giving the roots the shade they so desperately need.

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How To Get Greener Grass The Smart Way

how to get greener grassDo you want to know how to get greener grass without super-sizing your water bill? Then this is the article for you. With a few simple adjustments to how you care for your lawn in the summer, you can keep it from fading in the heat and turning brown. Here are the 5 ways to keep your turf lush.

Water Deeply: Have you ever measured how much water you give your yard? It’s easy to do. Just get a few cups, set them out before watering, and measure how high the water in the cup is. Aim for 1 inch to 1 ½ inches for the best care for your lawn.

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Taking Care of Your Lawn Equipment

lawn equipmentLawn equipment and gardening tool are essential items to own if you wish to keep a good looking lawn or garden all season long. However, many of these items, though often worth the investment, can be very expensive. Therefore if you pay out a lot for your lawn equipment, you will want it to last as long as it possibly can without needing to be repaired or replaced. In order for the equipment and tools to last this long, they will need to be taken care of and stored properly when not in use.
How To Maintain Tools

Many garden tools such as shovels, pitchforks and hoes will require very little, if any maintenance at all. The key to keeping these items in good shape is storing them in a safe and protective area such as a barn or storage shed. When purchasing garden tools you should go with those that are made out of the strongest materials so that they will not need to be replaced in the near future. Sturdy, steel handles for shovels instead of wooden ones will increase the life of the tool.

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Choosing the Best Lawn and Garden Sprayer

lawn and garden sprayerIf you are in the market for a good lawn and garden sprayer to take care of annoying pests, then you will want to find the best pesticide sprayer that is available on the market today in order to take care of your grass, plants and vegetation. There are several different styles and sizes of lawn and garden sprayers and each type has its own particular benefits.

The Size of Area to be Sprayed

In order to choose the best lawn and garden sprayer for your yard, you need to consider the size of the area that will be treated. Tank-style sprayers are best for small yards or gardens while a sprayer that connects to your garden hose will work better for large lawns, shrubs and gardens. You can also find power pesticide sprayers that will work for extremely large areas. There are also some sprayers that may be attached to a riding lawn mower or tractor to tackle larger jobs.

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Why Liquid Dethatcher is an Excellent Choice

use liquid dethatcherThatch is a thick layer of grass stems, clippings, roots, and other debris that has gathered up over time and decomposed on top of the growing grass in your yard. This can be very harmful to your lawn because it accumulates over your soil right below the grass line and typically can not be seen, allowing it to block any water or nutrients to get to the roots of the new grass that is trying to grow.

The cause of thatch buildup can be based on several different factors. Poorly aerated soil, an excessive amount of nitrogen, or infrequent mowing can cause thatch to be a likely problem in your front or back lawn. A layer of thatch is the perfect place for insects and pathogens to accumulate while it also repels water from entering the soil which will eventually lead to hydrophobic soil conditions. This means that more maintenance will be required in order for your lawn to get back to looking its best once again.

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What You Need to Know About Field Painting

Field PaintingIf you are in charge of painting an athletic field, then there are several things that you will need to know before you begin maintaining it. Field painting needs to be exactly as the sport’s specifications indicate or else you could end up with some difficulties during the big game. You also need to determine what type of paint you will need to use when it comes time to take care of your field painting duties.

Natural vs Synthetic

Athletic field paint is available in many different varieties and sometimes purchasing the right type can be confusing, especially if you are new to field painting. Athletic fields are either made up of synthetic or natural turfs. Therefore you will need to find the right type of paint that will work the best with your particular type of field turf.

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Lawn Care Guide to a Beautiful Yard

lawn care guideIn order to have a beautiful yard you have to know when to plant what items and also when you should provide your plants, flowers and vegetation with food and water. Knowing everything that needs to be done in order to have vibrant green grass, a beautiful flower garden bursting with blooms, and healthy fruit and vegetable plants in your garden can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are fairly new to the process of lawn care and planting. Therefore it is always good to have a resourceful guide on hand that you can refer back to whenever you run into a problem or concern that you do not know how to address.

World of Lawn Care.com has a seasonal lawn care guide that customers can sign up for and receive helpful advice that will allow them to keep their lawns looking great all season long. This is an excellent resource that will help you figure out when the best time to plant new grass seed would be, how often you should water your shrubs and flowers and when you should apply fertilizer to your grass or vegetable garden. You can also find out more details on what type of fertilizer is the very best to use for your lawn type and information on how to treat your soil so that it will provide your plants with the nutrients that they desperately need.

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Do It Yourself Lawn Landscape Maintenance

Lawn landscape maintenanceYou do not have to hire on a professional landscaping crew in order to have a yard that looks fantastic during the spring and summer months. You can do a lot of the basic lawn landscape maintenance tasks all on your own with a little extra guidance, as well as special products and tools, from World of Lawn Care.com.

There are plenty of DIY lawn landscape maintenance projects that you can take on which will make your lawn look its very best. Cleaning out all of the weeds, thatch and debris in your front yard, flower garden or backyard vegetable garden will help to keep your yard looking clean and healthy.

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