Why You Should Consider Thatching the Lawn

Thatching the lawnThatch is a combination of dense roots, grass clippings and various stems that can build up in between the soil and the new growing grass. Thatching the lawn involves removing all of the thatch so that your lawn can receive the air, water, and helpful nutrients that it needs while the pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer can do its job without any interference. This will allow your lawn to be much healthier and more resistant to harmful damages and diseases that may be caused by insects.

Benefits to Thatching the Lawn

Thatching the lawn can also remove any grass and moss that has been damaged during the summer and left over during the fall and winter seasons. If you choose to dethatch your lawn several times throughout the year, then you will be presented with better overall growth and a vibrant, healthy lawn that you will be able to enjoy all summer long.

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