Ever Wonder Why Tree And Bush Trimming Is Part Of Late Winter To Early Spring Lawncare?

Moss under a tree

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Tree and bush trimming may not seem like they have much to do with spring lawncare, but in fact it is an absolute necessity. The number one sign of needing this type of lawn maintenance is moss. That’s right, moss overtaking your turf is because the area is too shaded and not getting enough sun or air circulation. So whether you are a lawn care business, property owner, or a homeowner, late winter and early spring is the time to get out and prune your trees and bushes.

Pruning In Late Winter Vs. Early Spring

Lilacs need to be trimmed after blossomingLate winter trimming is done for plants that are best pruned before they wake up and start sending out shoots and leaves. The general rule for tree and bush trimming is that any plants that bloom in early spring should be pruned after blooming.  Plants that are grown mostly for their greenery should be trimmed in late winter. So your forsythias and lilacs are pruned after blooming, and maple and oak trees in late winter.

Timing Tip: Look up your individual plants to get the ‘right’ time to prune.

Types Of Pruning

There are three main ways to trim so there’s an increase in light and air to the turf below, improving general lawn maintenance.

  1. Dead Branch Removal – where you simply trim out all dead wood (this can be done all year round)
  2. Thinning – tree and bush trimming is focused on reducing branches; it’s best to select wood that points back in to the trunk of the plant
  3. Lower Branch Trimming – involves cutting all branches from the trunk below a certain height, allowing sun and air underneath the canopy

Hedge Tip: Always keep hedges fuller at the base and narrower at the top, so that all of the hedge branches get sun.

Instead Of Pruning

Blue star creeper

Blue Star Creeper.
Photo by libraryrachel (flickr)

If adding tree and bush trimming to your yearly spring lawncare routine is not to your landscaping liking, there’s an alternative. Plant a flowerbed instead.

Sometimes lawn maintenance isn’t the answer, but instead, choosing another plant that thrives in the shade of a much-loved tree. This also makes it easier to mow around the trees and bushes without having to cut in close with the mower.

Look for shade-lovers like blue star creeper, brass buttons, or potentilla for great ground cover options.

Sun and Air for Fighting Moss

If you’ve been fighting moss, or have shaded areas where spring lawncare is becoming a frustration, take a look at tree and bush trimming. It may seem an unlikely way to practice lawn maintenance, but when your turf gets the sun and air it needs, you’ll see the green grass thrive and grow.

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